The early starter

I started with music when I was almost 13 years old. Too late in most peoples´ opinion.

But I had the one condition which for me is absolutely necessary if you want to become a decent performer:

The certainty that there’s nothing else in life you’d rather do.

So even if I was late for piano, my passion for music was so great that I would spend every minute of my time outside of school practicing. This way, I could quickly catch up with everyone else who started earlier.

In the bigger picture, I might’ve started late, but I was early in my revelation as to what I would devote my life to.

Deciding to be a musician is not as easy as it may seem.

It’s actually quite baffling to me how anyone would decide to become one.

Either you’re too young to really know what you want, or you’re too old to develop such conviction as to catch up for the missed years of practicing and learning your instrument while you were young.

The good thing is that instrument performance is not the only way to become a musician. There are a number of disciplines that do not necessarily require early training.

Like composing, producing, arranging, conducting, etc.

I started seriously composing late in life but it has become an important part of my activities.

Here is a piece of mine that has got great popular attention: ALONE

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you sometimes might feel late to begin something, but that feeling has never stopped me and should never stop you either.

Often, you’ll be surprised at the workarounds you can find to do what you really want to do. It might not be easy, but more often than not, it might be worth it.

I wish you a great day.


listen to ALONE ← here